Finding the right word and line

Words. I work with words–great piles of words. I read them, write them and collect them. I turn them over carefully in my mind looking for new meaning. I share them and gratefully receive them from others. I pull them together and organize them into sentences and paragraphs. With words I create stories and essays. I rhyme them into poetry, use them to challenge and to soothe, marshal them in a review of the past and enlist them in creating the future. With words from this great storehouse I paint quiet scenes and recall troubled moments, create colorful designs, voice new ideas and immortalize old ones. With words I bring hope and happiness. Words are my work, my joy and my inspiration.
(samples are found under the heading to the right “Finding the right word”)

Beyond words. Words on a paper may not be enough. Shapes and symbols communicate, too. Across the centuries emotions can be shared in a line, some colour, a shape, the combination of objects, a distance vista and the curious detail. Historic light captured and displayed in galleries speak of ancient beauty and passion. I am a member of this tradition; a continuation of expression. I join these captured historic moments in small ways, discovering the design in a rock, drawing a single line to represent many, painting the rhythm of shape with my brush. I see things in new ways but I also see new things. As I create inspiration becomes object, color becomes light and memory becomes shape. I am part of eternal creation, the very gift of life. I create as others have but I create myself in so doing. A photo is more than an image, a web page more than pixels on a screen, a collection more than the objects – they are me (drawings consisting of one single line are in the gallery below).